Nonprofit Formation Agreement

We offer nonprofit formation agreements at an affordable flat fee.  The fee is based on the nature of the proposed organization’s activities, our assessment of the level of documentation and follow-up that will be required, the novelty and complexity of the organization’s proposed activities and the number of states the organization must register to fundraise in.

We offer the following legal services in the nonprofit formation agreement:

  • Advice on structuring the nonprofit corporation and qualifying for Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
  • Prepare and file all documents required for nonprofit formation, charitable registration, and Federal and state tax-exemption.
  • Prepare and file of articles of incorporation.
  • Draft bylaws to reflect the desired governance structure.
  • A business consultation session with the initial board of directors and officers to discuss fiduciary duties and related issues.
  • Prepare and submit required Federal and state forms.
  • Prepare and provide the board with a calendar summarizing key governance and compliance deadlines.
  • Attend the initial board meeting and prepare minutes.
  • Registration in and for entities interested in obtaining Federal contracts and grants.