Consulting for Government Clients

We provide world-class solutions to problems faced by senior leaders and their procurement organizations. Blue Alchemy’s consulting services include:

Advisory and
Assistance Services

We advise and assist clients with performing procurement policy and oversight functions, to include implementing process improvement and acquisition reforms, developing procurement oversight metrics, performing audits of contracting organizations, and developing new job aids, templates, guidelines, procedures, policies, and acquisition manuals.

Benchmarking and Best Practices

We help clients improve their procurement processes by benchmarking them against those of leading public- and private-sector organizations.

Change Management and Implementation

We assist clients in assessing their need for improvements across their acquisition system, evaluating alternative designs and implementing the chosen designs.

Development of Performance Standards

We work with their clients to develop standards for tracking their overall performance as well as that of their processes and employees.

Employee Development and Training

We help clients develop training programs to increase the knowledge and skills of their acquisition workforce, and to measure the effectiveness of the training. We also help clients assess the effectiveness of their current training programs, identifying opportunities for improvement. Executive coaching, leadership development, and succession planning programs are available, if necessary.

Leadership Assessment and Development

We assist clients in evaluating leadership issues and developing leadership skills, behaviors, and teamwork to increase the operational effectiveness of their acquisition system.

Policy and Regulation Development Assistance

We help clients determine when acquisition regulations and/or policies are necessary and assist in its development.

Policy Planning and Analysis

We assist clients in analyzing and reformulating their procurement policies to improve performance.

Process Performance Reviews

We assist clients in identifying process improvement opportunities across their acquisition system.

Regulatory Analysis and Compliance Reviews

We help clients navigate governing laws, regulations, and policies and ensure that its acquisition processes satisfy all associated audits and compliance reviews.

Risk Assessments

We help clients conduct internal and external climate and environmental assessments to understand and mitigate risk, and evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls, policies, and procedures across their acquisition system.